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Name:Clare Edwards

The Basics:
Clare Diana Edwards
16 (Mar 11)
Season 11: End of Ep 34
(Start of the 2011/12 Year)
Dec 07, 2009
Gauntlet and Shield
Casualty Communal 6F

Rakath Chaos

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I own no rights to Clare, Degrassi, or anything. I also earn nothing from doing this. This is all just for fun.

Personality and Soul:
Personality: Clare’s got a lot of sides to her, the one most commonly seen is that of the ‘good girl.’ Proper Christian upbringing, focus on family values and moral fiber. Clare’s activities are usually designed by what is considered appropriate by reasonable authority figures. She’s bright, good grades, focuses on all her studies. She loves to write and wants to become the next great author read all across the world, remembered for generations.

Of course, that side is just the most known. She’s developed a bit of a rebellious streak, at first it was for good causes like despot teachers. Now, with her parents in the middle of a rather harrowing divorce she’s started to defy them both on account of their own failures to the beliefs they taught her. In the process she’s discovered things she is comfortable with she would never have thought to do before. Freedom is intoxicating, in its own way.

She’s not in the best mindset for such freedom to involve others, her ex-boyfriend was emotionally manipulative and damaging, plus her parents divorce. Letting new people in, being bound to someone in a defined way... she lost the optimism that such things work. Jake, her ex-boyfriend slash step-brother has added another strike agaisnt lasting love. He became the only stable thing in her life after all the events of her parents divorce, and her mother's remarying in such a short time after. Clare thought if she and Jake could manage through their parents marriage they could make anything work... but they couldn't.

Which brings us to the less emotionally driven side of Clare and relationships. Clare's given up the good Christian girl's desire to be chaste until marriage, she doesn't have the belief needed in it anymore. She wants physicality in ways every teenager does, so long as she loves the person she's with. But with every love that fails her, she loses a bit of faith in her own ability to love properly. She lost her boyfriend due to her mother's remarrying, and her best friend to a fight over her (now ex, then current) boyfriend. She can only see one common thread in this.

And to just add insult to injury on all this, she still reacts pretty strongly to even the slightest kiss and topless attractive male, mostly in ways that cause her to stumble into walls by not paying attention. When all is said and done, she’s an ordinary teen with ordinary issues, and isn’t entirely ready to handle them all.

Weaknessses: Clare’s primary weakness is a crippling compulsion to care what other people think of her. In that she puts a very well designed air of not caring what other people think. She’s rather fond of being the brainy goodie goodie, following the religion she believes in and especially not being boy crazy. At the same time if someone she respects loses respect for her she can be goaded into things she wouldn’t normally do. She has some emotional scars due to her family coming apart in her parent’s divorce, along with her boyfriend’s recent mental breakdown and her breaking up with him. This gives her some big trust and intimacy issues to get over.

Also her firm attempts to show how not boycrazy she is are a cover for how boy crazy she is. She has a serious psychological weakness to guys showing romantic or sexual interest in her, or a blaze attitude about not wearing shirts. The quickest way to break Clare’s concentration is talking about sex, or being shirtless. She was raised with a strict structure of not being told anything about sex, and boys were not allowed alone in the house with her, and all the rules to prevent her from dealing with sex. So she can’t deal with it as well as most girls her age could.

While she’s physically average, with no obvious failings she’s not confident in physical activity. So most people at the same level of health as her will be better/stronger/faster than her in any athletic endeavor. Let alone people who are physically fit. She’s also very strongly opposed to violence as an answer to any situation, which will impact her ability to fight offensively at first.

In Soul Campaign: All of her existing weaknesses remain... because she’s a mundane human. She will have an issue creating a lasting Soul Resonance due to her issues with violence and her issues with intimacy.

Soul Appearance: Clare’s soul is a faded light blue energy with a gentle wavy set of curls around the ‘face’ of the ball. The expression is very sad.

Soul Description: Inspired, Analytical, Energetic, Driven, Distrusting, Alone.

Weapon Info and Abilities:
Weapon Form: Clare’s weapon form is an arm shield attached to a gauntlet. The shield itself is rather small in proportion to her Meister. It sports curved corners and a rounded edge giving no real edge to use for cutting or stabbing (she’s a shield), but the shield can rotate 45 degrees (placing a corner over the hand, and the opposite at the elbow) allowing for wrist defense and using the corners for a striking point. At first and as standard the shield is blank, a perfect mirror to all things. As she discovers abilities designs form on the shield’s face, the designs will be upright when the shield is ‘square’ or ‘diamond’ in position. The gauntlet is lightly armored plate over the fingers held together with rather simple dark leather.

She doesn’t provide much offense, as a shield. However she is sturdy enough to be used as a striking weapon on both her edge and face. Her durability and ability to dissipate soul strikes are based on her resonance with her partner, her own strength, and her partner’s strength. As she grows stronger her ability to disperse soul energy used against her will increase. Her powers manifest in changes in the shield’s face design. This also means that the forms cannot be stacked or used in tandem.
Wallflower Shield | Perception Static - This form is accessed by a strong desire by both Clare and her Meister to want to vanish. The shield folds down over the Meister’s arm making a sort of box covering for the whole forearm. Flower designs appear over the face of the now closed shield. The meister and weapon produce no scent, taste, sound, and basic soul wavelength detection (Clairvoyance, Toph's Seismic Soul 'sight', Soul Tracking as examples). And they are heavily shielded from Soul Perception, but that becomes an arms race between Clare’s strength versus the skill of the person trying to perceive them. At a Deathscythe level she’d be able to completely vanish from even a Soul Perception, but as it stands they’d tell ‘something’ entered the room with them at closer distances. Two downsides come into play from this, first is Clare’s shield is now next to useless in a fight. It isn’t being enhanced by resonance and the coverage of her shield is so minimal to be worthless (it still makes a good block for blades, and a striking weapon). Second is without any sound communication with others is limited (but Clare and her meister can communicate through their resonance), and team resonance is impossible with this power active.

Saint’s Cross | Defender’s Shield - Defiance is the desire to feed this form, a cross covered in ivy graces the face of the shield. It feels a little thicker than the standard form and much heavier. The weight can be lowered by a stronger resonance but the shield in this state is the ultimate guard, best to ward off the strikes of an opponent but the fatigue will get to you eventually. Even certain types of Resonance attacks would be warded off provided the shield took the brunt of the strike (at least when the opposing force isn’t substantially better controlled than Clare is). The extra heft can be used to make it a stronger striking weapon provided you are strong enough to swing her around.

Brier Rose | Backlash Shield - Anger is the key to this form, the center of the shield holds a rose surrounded by thorns. While not as strong a defense as Saint’s Cross, its the offense this shield brings. Striking the shield jolts the target with a burst of soul energy, like a small attack. An unnatural spirit vibration, negative for a weapon and runs through it back to the meister. For close fighting being blocked will lead to backlash from your strikes, a similar type of attack to Soul Menace, power dependant on Clare’s Meister. This form of offense also works when Clare is being used as a striking weapon, sending the energy directly to the meister. Now the question is how to get Clare to hold anger long enough to take this form.

Bamboo Thicket | Barrier Shield - This shield is unlocked by a desire to defend others, and has a thicket of six bamboo chutes on the face. This shield projects a large energy wall somewhere in sight of Clare’s meister. A large square construct in a mix of colors made by Clare’s soul and her meister’s soul, about eight by eight feet. Fast moving objects will strike it like a large impenetrable stone wall, while slower objects can just slip gently through it (as can those in a Team Resonance with Clare and her partner). Hammering the wall with smaller strikes will eventually cause it to crack and shatter (and hurt if you’re striking in melee range), but a large overwhelming strike is easier (provided you can muster such force in a single strike, like a Resonance attack). The backlash harming whoever is striking it and Clare’s party where they might be. The major downside is that to keep a wall like this up Clare and her partner can’t move (which is why its best to deploy such a wall in front of them). Equally during a day this wall can only be created six times, and that’s after she’s mastered use of the skill, at first it will only be one time till she and her partner marshal the energy better. Which is another issue, the Barrier takes quite the work to put up, and the energy put into it is lost when it is destroyed OR taken down by the pair breaking the stance.

Abilities: Clare’s not exactly much with the abilities. She’s human, completely ordinary boring stock human. If you exclude her academic pursuits, which give her a great deal of skills in a classroom, but hardly anything of vital note. She’s healthily athletic, not able to make any sports teams at school, but enough to casually shoot hoops if she wished to. She’s top of her class in math, placed a grade above in English.

She has basic understanding of robot mechanics and programming, part of her gifted track computer class. In non-robotic craft she’s won an award for being able to make realistic set pieces for a school play, everything from trays of food to fake trees with fake moss. While she can technically sing and dance, she’s too embarrassed by such activities to do them in public without an exceptional reason. Overall, in short, she’s a brainy teenage girl.

In Soul Campaign: All of Clare’s abilities last into Soul Campaign since Clare is a perfectly mundane human in canon.

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